Marcin, UX

My work in UX and Interaction Design is supported by several years of agency experience and practice in business analysis, project management, product ownership, account management, and web development.


The projects listed below are live client works, so company details and deliverables are left hidden and obscured. If you would like to see more, please email me:

Custom ERP & Sales Tool

Interaction Design to digitize sales processes to create a single, mobile responsive source of truth.

Online Community Marketplace

Interaction Design for an online marketplace for locals to exchange services and strengthen their community ties.

Sales Platform with Custom Logic

Digitize a manual ordering system and reduce sales and order processing time from 3 months, down to minutes.

Coming Soon:

Exploring a B2B Buying Process

Questioning a feature for an e-commerce site brings insight into the buyer’s consideration stage


Properly utilized, Google Analytics can help one identify issues and opportunities from afar, and gain surprisingly granular information about user behavior on your website or web app.


Initial Thoughts on Busyness (Part 1)

An Interest in Busyness. My impression is that people are often too disorganized or busy to: Do anything besides what they presently have momentum for Think about planning something else To-do lists are popular, time-blocking is another one that comes up these days, and sometimes people know about entire frameworks like GTD. But to-do lists…

First Thoughts on Poshmark

I am interested in Poshmark as an online marketplace that borrows a lot of ideas from the social media space. I haven’t yet used it, but know a bit about it and wanted to jot down my initial thoughts going into it. Marketplaces & Social Media Topping the marketplace layer with a social media layer…

Notes on Projects, Calendars, and Planning as they Pertain to Busyness (Part 3)

Coherency vs Interruption A normal calendar has the basic function of visualizing your time and the hours of the day as space in a grid. If there’s something you want or have to do, and you’re a relatively organized person, you find an open slot and fill it. There are however, other variables which normal…

Sources of Busyness (Part 2)

My Design Problem is Too Vague See Here Busyness can come from a state of mind which is totally independent of being busy. This is to say it can be present as a psychological phenomenon or a material one, and is likely a system involving both. Not to mention, I haven’t really thought about who…