I’m Marcin. I’ve been working in UX Design and project management on web apps in social media, real estate, private equity, and retail spaces since 2014. Prior to that I worked as a developer at a startup in Chicago.

If you need help, have any problems, or have a project, please don’t hesitate to email me for help.


Busyness as a social, psychological, and technical problem.

In 2018 I was the Interaction Designer for an online marketplace, which unsurprisingly led me to research online marketplaces.

While I was able to design a pretty cool marketplace, I felt there were so many interesting areas to study and look at deeper, but with so very little time to explore them in more depth, like:

  1. market design in economics
  2. coordination markets in the cryptoeconomics
  3. time-banking cooperatives
  4. other higher order problems like identity, reputation, and incentive structures

Here, I return to the greater problem space using a UCD process to help focus my attention and research.

Initial research and scoping the problem of busyness

Table Of ContentsResearch2.1 – Learn from normal people2.2 – Learn from experts2.3 – Immersion2.4 – Analogs Hooked CanvasWhat’s the ultimate impact I want to have?What are some possible solutions? Some of the constraints I’m facing It’s obvious my design problem is too general. Busyness can come from a state of mind which is totally independent…

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A quick look at being busy

Table Of ContentsI’m interested in busyness.Naming the knownsNaming the unknownsNaming the constraintsNext StepNotes I’m interested in busyness. My impression is that people are often too disorganized or busy to: Do anything besides what they presently have momentum for Think about planning something else To-do lists are popular, time-blocking is another one that comes up these…

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Design Patterns & Usability

With a simple usability setup, I’m going to take a closer look at interesting apps. When the videos become available I may change the format here to accommodate them.

  • I’ll make a list of the primary activities users are to take on these apps and attempt to perform them.
  • I’ll take an account of the design patterns I see.
  • Then we’ll talk about possible alternatives and probably spin off other ideas completely.

Thoughts on Poshmark (prior to use) & To-Do List

I am interested in Poshmark as an online marketplace that borrows a lot of ideas from the social media space. Here are a few thoughts that come to mind. Intersecting marketplace design with social media seems like a logical next step. I want to take a closer look at what aspects of “social” have been…