First Thoughts on Poshmark

I am interested in Poshmark as an online marketplace that borrows a lot of ideas from the social media space.

I haven’t yet used it, but know a bit about it and wanted to jot down my initial thoughts going into it.

Marketplaces & Social Media

Topping the marketplace layer with a social media layer seems like a logical next step given the amount of preoccupation with social media by the creators and primary audience of such an app. I want to take a closer look at what aspects of “social” have been borrowed, and how.

Ethical Concerns

I suspect that the combination of designing for addiction (a la Nir Eyal) with monetizable on-site social media type behaviors make for very high-order ethical concerns that challenge existing business models (Tristan Harris, Chamath Palihapitiya, Jaron Lanier). It seems like a tighter integration of liking and sharing to revenue generation for the user.

New Design Patterns

I am interested in the resulting interaction design patterns shaping these emergent platform models.

Technology in the crypto space will definitely borrow these novel design patterns, and incorporate new layers of incentivization. I want to keep this in mind.