An online skill exchange for local communities

A local skill marketplace where folks can trade skills for money, or offer their help for free as they strengthen human bonds.


The results of this project are hidden due to NDA, instead I just focus on the general process.


Interviews & Concepts


Researching & Documenting Business Processes & User-Flows

Creating a Job Post

Business Process Flow Chart

Testing & Validating with Wireframes & Prototypes

Background & UX Discovery

Understanding the idea

Interviews & Concept

In the initial client interview, the founder introduced the concept and its origin story.

Useful clues about the core problem and audience often expose themselves in origin stories, and in a way that's often inspiring for the person speaking. It's a great starting point.

Over the course of a week, with the client, I compiled a high-level overview of the their vision including some risk factors, on which we based an initial set of user stories


Our persona research was assembled using client interviews, YouTube videos, and articles covering the experience of workers in this new labor marketplace.

Aside from general demographics, we focused on the motives and problems people mentioned. Particularly around the client touchpoints.

Researching & Documenting Business Processes & User-Flows

One challenge was to make sure business processes we were going to outline both fulfilled the client’s vision, use-cases, and didn’t contain critical loopholes.

In order to begin diagramming the business processes and user flows, I took a very close look at Task Rabbit and UpWork. I looked into the following:

  • How users registered
  • How givers posted jobs
  • How receivers found jobs
  • How job acceptance was negotiated and finalized

I recorded the screen while I performed these tasks, and then listed the touchpoints and took screenshots afterwards. I wanted to understand their flows to better understand "must-haves" on top of which we would make modifications to suit our needs.

Note: It would have been useful to look further into disputes and the finer details of payment processing

Business Process Flow Chart

Having checked out the flows from competitors, I was able to define some of the system logic in greater depth. I used this to help create the prototype.

This was also a great opportunity to note of database interactions, user notifications, and functional design element requirements.

Testing & Validating with Wireframes & Prototypes

From the diagram, I was able to get a sense of the input requirements at each step and the back-end processes that would need to take place. These informed the core functional elements which would appear on a page.

I used this to design the wireframes and prototype that we’d eventually test with client stakeholders.

These wireframes were updated with team feedback and client input. The client had become familiar with the overall steps as we continued holding these meetings where I walked through the flow from both sides of the platform, both employers and employees.

Each wireframe contained annotations for the development team. We had several calls with them to clarify expectations and all materials were delivered.

They responded with excellent questions which I researched, discussed with my team, and answered.

The result was a signed contract with the client to design and build-out the platform fully

Thinking about how to simplify the job post creation process, I ended up with a forked novel prototype, aside from the main branch.

I turned the flows and problems into an outline for a minimal version, at this point, still just boxes and lines.

Meanwhile, I considered how we might further reduce the work involved in creating tasks. How could we eliminate ALL the steps in the job creation process?

I returned to this particular question towards the end of the project and created completely revisioned version. In short, this concept connected a to-do list on the front-end (minimal effort job post creation) to a job board on the back-end. For tasks like shoveling snow or hanging a TV, the information would be shared as-needed and automatically be included in the job post.