What could crypto native art look like? The marriage of visual and financial algorithms

By Marcin
December 26, 2021
2 min read

My background in music production, where I gained a small following in the mid-late Myspace era, opened my eyes to the potential of having dedicated fans. However, the market shifted with Facebook's rise, and my tiny success waned.

I carry that experience with me today.

  1. On the one hand, I'm still a creative and I do think about how to extend NFTs as an artistic medium. Here I am inspired by impressive visuals and dynamic art made with tools MAX/MSP, VVVV, Pure Data. Sometimes when I think about what can be done in the NFT space, I'm actually thinking about what I was seeing and experiencing while exploring those tools.
  2. On the other hand, one of my greatest hopes for the NFT space is witnessing more artists as well as fans being rewarded when broader markets align in their favor.

Recently, during a compelling conversation at Art Basel in Miami, I saw connections between these two passions. We explored how time influences art and how such changes directly impact its value—much more than mere market valuation.

Here's a simple example:

SVG's can be manipulated programmatically, as can the price of a piece of art be programmed algorithmically.

Inputs into the price algorithm can look more familiar, like they do with a bonded curve. Bonded curves are very cool and power some really great technology in the DeFi space. I explain what bonded curves are in more depth here.

In the realm of NFTs, we encounter the fascinating concept of programmable SVGs and algorithmically-driven prices. With the help of a price algorithm, the visual representation of an SVG can be modified.

Inputs like bonded curves enable predictable adjustments to an item's price as its availability increases. This dynamic interplay between programmable art and algorithmic pricing adds an intriguing dimension to the NFT space, where the price itself (or any derivative thereof) modifies the artwork.

However, the pricing algorithm can also integrate various triggers, such as sale time, frequency, or the mere sale event itself, resulting in dynamic price changes. Remarkably, these same inputs can also influence the SVG, allowing alterations, obfuscation, enhancements, and more.

This convergence of visual art's dynamism with its economic value signifies an enthralling frontier in the NFT space.


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